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Declaration of gambling regulators

Declaration of gambling regulators

Declaration of gambling regulators on their concerns related to the blurring of lines between gambling and gaming

The gambling regulators of 16 European and American States and territories (Latvia, Czech Republic, Isle of Man, France, Spain, Malta, Jersey, Gibraltar, Ireland, Portugal, Norway, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Poland, Austria and the State of Washington) have signed a declaration to express their shared concerns about the risks posed by the blurring lines between gambling and other forms of digital entertainment such as video games. Regulators identify in some emerging gaming products and services similar characteristics that led to their respective regulations of online gambling. While committing themselves to work together to thoroughly analyze the characteristics of video games and social gaming, they call for a constructive dialogue with the responsible representatives of the video games and social gaming industries.

This Declaration remains open for signature to all interested gambling regulatory authorities.

Declaration of gambling regulators (PDF 500 KB)


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